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Monday, January 31, 2011

Post All-Star Game

Now that the snoozefest is over, (have to admit, I fell asleep sometime before the end of the second period and awoke around the 7:00 minute mark of the third), time to talk of more important matters. Toronto Maple Leafs. I picked up these two items during the 80's from Ted Taylor at a collectibles show.
Nameplates from the back of the jersey. These were apparently removed so jerseys could be used again. Bob "Big Daddy" McGill and Paul Higgins. Not some of the big names that I could have chosen but some of the more "physical" players on those teams. Of course, the stars would not need to have nameplate removed as they weren't going anywhere. The pickings were slim--some of the other ones available were Duris, Crha--don't remember any others. If I remember correctly, these were had for two bucks a piece. Something unique. Something Leafs. All is well in the centre of the hockey universe.  Enjoy.

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