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Saturday, January 22, 2011

50th NHL All-Star Game

The 50th National Hockey League All-Star game was part of the 1999–2000 NHL season, and took place in Toronto's Air  Canada Centre on February 6, 2000.
The all-star week festivities saw the Canadian Hockey League Top Prospects Game played on February 2, and an exhibition game between the Canadian and American women's national teams on February 3. The Heroes of Hockey game and the Skills Competition were held on February 5.

My friend Sal at wrote about his personal experience with the 1991 NHL All-Star Game.  That made me think about my experience with the 2000 All-Star game. I read in The Toronto Sun that they were looking for volunteers for the NHLFantasy Expereince. I sent in an e-mail indicating my interest and received a reply to come to an orientation session (this all happened in a span of a few months). After the session and still indicating my interest, received letter  At the time, I was working in downtown Toronto, about a five minute walk to the Metro Convention Centre. As I was an 11-7 shift, I chose to volunteer for an 8-1:30 shift.

 I was assigned to the Slap shot zone. You know the one, take slap shot with those road hockey balls and machine records your speed. Pretty cool gig. I walk over on the Wednesday morning (I'm a little early) and they have a continental breakfast set up. I also meet the lady who was coordinating the event and chatted a bit. They had a trivia contest and gee I knew the answer and won. The question was "Who was the third string goalie for Team Canada 1972 (you can look it up if you don't know). I won a Grant Fuhr Starting Lineup extended series figure and a chocolate puck. After the pre-game meal, I was ready to go. (will show picture of the sweater we had to where in a later post). This is only day one. I have more stories to tell. Until next time.

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