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Friday, December 30, 2011

Dec 27--12 Players

As I have no items for the 12 birthday boys, my pack rips from Christmas.

My wife likes to vary things, so I did get a pack of 09/10 MVP and 07/08 MVP. I just show the "hits" as I think everyone knows what the base look like.

GF 5--Peter Forsberg

#351 Byron Bitz

Well, what do you expect from single packs.

Also got 10 packs of 10/11 UD series 1. Again just the hits.

AW 14--Mikko Koivu

HH 5 & 7--Steve Yzerman

Retro parallels--
#66 Erik Karlsson
#127 Ryan Whitney
#197  Jonas Hillier
#205  Jordan Caron

And yes a Young Gun

# 248 Brayden Irwin-
At least its a Leaf. And he is from the Irwin family. Irwin Toy Limited was a Canadian distributor and manufacturer of toys. It was Canada's oldest toy company and remained independent and family owned.

I'm thinking I should pick up some more packs.

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  1. I never heard about any ice hockey players named Wilbur. I wonder if any of them have that first name.